CCG ABOGADOS is a law firm that provides services of the highest quality, through work teams led and coordinated mainly by its Partners. It seeks maximum efficiency and dynamism in its activities through the use of the best academic and technological tools to offer adequate response times and allow traceability of its intervention in the matters it is involved. For all the above, the Firm expects its Lawyers to be self-sufficient in all matters related to customer service, from the presentation of written proposals and onboarding of clients to the Firm, to correctly management of the time control system.

The administrative support that the Firm provides to its Partners and Lawyers, then, has to do not only with having all the tools for the above, but also with the expectation that the logistics coordination of its professional activities is carried out by the Firm’s administrative staff, which is also in charge of monitoring proposals, billing, portfolio, collection and reports duly studied by the Partners, which allow them to correct and improve the practices of the different teams. Also part of this philosophy is the fact that the Firm’s Lawyers are highly motivated by offering them competitive compensation within the market, and more importantly, they are encouraged to participate in the Firm’s challenges, client management, the definition of professional and commercial matters and to be knowledgeable about the career scheme of existing partners.

A good work environment and transparency in practices, as well as in the relationships between all parties, are guiding principles in the daily life of the Firm, since they make it possible to generate and maintain the confidence necessary to meet the expectations of staff, clients and third parties, and so that the Firm is viewed not only an instrument for providing quality services, but also for professional and personal development.

In order for all of the above to be possible, the Firm’s Partners, as managers of their areas and work teams, commit to the following:

Trabajo En Equipo
Servicio Al Cliente