María Alejandra Gómez Millan

Maria Alejandra Celis Gómez

María Alejandra has experience in the logistics sector and with extensive knowledge in customs and tax legislation.
Spanish, English


María Alejandra is a lawyer specializing in Customs Law and Foreign Trade, with work experience in the logistics sector, extensive knowledge in customs and tax legislation, with practice focused on the projection of legal concepts, current customs regulations training, customs technical support for the operation, attention of administrative processes before the DIAN, attention of contentious administrative processes of customs, tax and exchange nature; application and processing of user authorizations in the Free Zone, Customs warehouses and CDLI, knowledge of the authorization process for authorized Economic Operators, management of customs mandates, of origin and in port; requests for tariff classification, and management of requests for official liquidation for purposes of return, for overpayment of customs taxes before DIAN.


  • Abogada – Universidad de la Sabana
  • Especialista en Derecho Aduanero y Comercio Exterior – Universidad del Rosario
  • Candidata Especialista en Derecho Tributario – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana